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Vietnam is a Southeast Asian nation located in the eastern region of the continent, between Laos and Cambodia. It is comprised of 63 provinces and one municipality spread out over a total land area of approximately 331,210 square kilometers. The terrain of Vietnam is mostly mountainous with some areas of flat coastal plains. Its highest point is Fansipan at 3,143 meters above sea level located in the Hoang Lien Mountains. Its longest river is the Red River which runs for approximately 1,150 kilometers before reaching its mouth near Hanoi. Other major rivers include the Mekong River which forms a natural border between Vietnam and Laos; Da River which runs through central Vietnam before reaching its mouth near Hanoi; and Ca River which flows through southern Vietnam before emptying into South China Sea near Ho Chi Minh City. There are also several large lakes throughout Vietnam including Thac Ba Lake located on its border with China; Xuan Huong Lake near Da Lat; and Tuyen Quang Lake located close to Hanoi. The climate of Vietnam is tropical monsoon with warm temperatures year-round and high levels of annual precipitation throughout most of its territory. Rainfall levels are generally higher along its central coastline compared to other parts of the country due to its proximity to Laos’s Annamite Range. Check bridgat for Vietnam Weather and Climate.

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Vietnam Country Overview Where is Vietnam located? Vietnam, or the “Socialist Republic of Vietnam”, is a country located in Southeast Asia. Vietnam has a very long coastline bordering the South China Sea. The former French colony is located in a world time zone called “Indochina Time” on the time zone map. This time zone is… Read More »