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Vanuatu is an archipelagic nation located in the South Pacific Ocean, northeast of Australia and east of New Caledonia. It is comprised of more than 80 islands spread out over a total land area of approximately 12,200 square kilometers. The terrain of Vanuatu is mostly mountainous with some areas of flat coastal plains. Its highest point is Mount Tabwemasana at 1,879 meters above sea level located on the island of Espiritu Santo. Its longest river is the Sarakata River which runs for approximately 200 kilometers before reaching its mouth near Port Vila. Other major rivers include the Ambae River which forms a natural border between Vanuatu and New Caledonia; and the Vanua Lava River which runs through central Vanuatu before reaching its mouth near Luganville. There are also several large lakes throughout Vanuatu including Lake Letas located on its border with New Caledonia; Lakatoro Lake near Luganville; and Lamen Bay Lake located close to Port Vila. The climate of Vanuatu is tropical maritime with warm temperatures year-round and high levels of annual precipitation throughout most of its territory. Rainfall levels are generally higher along its northern coastline compared to other parts of the country due to its proximity to Fiji’s Yasawa Islands.

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Vanuatu Country Overview Where is Vanuatu located? Vanuatu is an island nation made up of 83 islands. Vanatu is located in the South Pacific and is self-contained. Despite the small area, the island state of Vanuatu has a world time zone named after it on the time zone map, the “Vanuata Time”. In this time… Read More »