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Uruguay is a small country located in the southeastern region of South America, bordered by Argentina to the west and Brazil to the north and east. The total land area of Uruguay is approximately 176,000 square kilometers. The terrain of Uruguay is mostly low-lying plains with some rolling hills in the central region and coastal lowlands along its Atlantic coastline. The highest point in Uruguay is Cerro Catedral at 514 meters above sea level located in the Sierra Carapé mountain range in the northwest corner of the country. Its longest river is Río Negro which runs for 1,100 kilometers before flowing into the Atlantic Ocean near Montevideo. Other major rivers include Río Uruguay which forms a natural border between Argentina and Uruguay, and Río Yaguarón which runs through central Uruguay before reaching its mouth near Punta del Este. There are also several large lakes throughout Uruguay including Lago Merín (also known as Laguna de los Patos) located on its border with Brazil; Lago de Rocha near La Paloma; and Lago Negra located close to Colonia del Sacramento. The climate of Uruguay is temperate with hot summers and mild winters throughout most of its territory. Rainfall levels are generally higher along its eastern coastline compared to other parts of the country due to its proximity to Brazil’s Amazon rainforest. Check bridgat for Uruguay Weather and Climate.

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Uruguay Country Overview Where is Uruguay located? The state of Uruguay is located in South America and is the smallest country where Spanish is spoken. Uruguay is assigned to a world time zone called “Uruguay Time” on the time zone map. In this time zone, there is a standard difference of -3 hours that the… Read More »