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Suriname is a country located in the northern part of South America and is bordered by Guyana, Brazil and French Guiana. It has a total area of 163,820 square kilometers and its capital city is Paramaribo. The geography of Suriname is mainly composed of tropical rainforests in the south and savannas in the north. The highest mountain in the country is Juliana Top which stands at 1,230 meters above sea level. Other major mountain ranges include Tafelberg Mountains in the east and Wilhelmina Mountains in the west. The country also has several rivers including Suriname River which flows from Guyana to Atlantic Ocean. The climate of Suriname is tropical with temperatures ranging from 24°C to 39° C throughout most of the year. Rainfall varies throughout the year but tends to be higher during summer months (May to November) while winter months (December to April) tend to be drier with some regions receiving little or no rainfall at all during this period. Suriname has a wide variety of flora and fauna due to its diverse terrain including species such as jaguar, caiman, various bird species such as macaws and toucans as well as amphibians like frogs and lizards. Its forests are mainly composed of evergreen trees such as mahogany while deciduous trees like cedar can also be found in some parts of the country. Check bridgat for Suriname Weather and Climate.

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Suriname Country Overview Where is Suriname located? The Atlantic-bordering country of Suriname is located in South America and gained independence from its colonial masters, the Netherlands, in 1975. Suriname is located in the “Suriname Time” zone. This can be seen on the time zone map. In this world time zone there is a time difference… Read More »