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The Seychelles is a small archipelago nation located in the Indian Ocean, off the coast of East Africa. It is made up of 115 islands spread over an area of 176 square miles, and it’s known for its stunning beaches and lush forests. The Seychelles is composed of two main island groups: the Inner Islands and Outer Islands. The Inner Islands consist primarily of granite islands, while the Outer Islands are mostly coral atolls. The most populous Inner Island is Mahé, which covers an area of 55 square miles and is home to the capital city of Victoria. Other popular Inner Islands include Praslin and La Digue, both known for their stunning beaches and luxurious resorts. The Outer Islands are made up of small coral atolls such as Aldabra and Desroches, which offer pristine beaches ideal for snorkeling or swimming in crystal clear waters. Nature lovers can explore tropical forests filled with rare birds and animals such as giant tortoises on Aldabra Atoll or explore hidden coves surrounded by lush vegetation on Desroches Island. Other popular attractions include Curieuse Island National Park where visitors can explore mangrove swamps filled with rare plants from around the world as well as Aride Island Nature Reserve which provides stunning views across the ocean on a clear day. Check bridgat for Seychelles Weather and Climate.

Seychelles Population, People, Languages and Religions

Seychelles Country Overview Where is Seychelles located? The Republic of Seychelles is an island country located in the Indian Ocean. The time zone map assigns the Seychelles to the “Seychelles Time” time zone, a world time zone in which there is a time shift of +4 hours to the coordinated world time. This means that… Read More »