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Serbia is located in the Balkans region of Southeast Europe, bordered by Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Kosovo. It is a moderately sized country with a total land area of 34,116 square miles. Serbia has a diverse terrain ranging from low-lying plains to rolling hills and rugged mountains in the interior. The Danube River forms Serbia’s border with Romania and Bulgaria for 621 miles. Along the river visitors can find some of the best beaches in the region with white sands and crystal clear waters. Popular beaches include Ada Ciganlija Beach which offers sheltered waters ideal for swimming and snorkeling as well as Sava Lake Beach which boasts pristine sands and sheltered waters ideal for kayaking and fishing. Inland visitors can explore lush mountain reserves such as Kopaonik National Park which covers 476 acres on Serbia’s highest peak. Here visitors can explore hiking trails that wind through thick forests past hidden waterfalls, over rugged peaks, and through exotic wildlife habitats filled with rare birds and animals from around the world. Other popular attractions include Fruška Gora National Park where visitors can explore gardens filled with rare plants from around the world as well as Zlatibor Mountain which provides stunning views across the countryside on a clear day. Check bridgat for Serbia Weather and Climate.

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Serbia Country Overview Where is Serbia located? Serbia is a landlocked country in Southeastern Europe. The former constituent state of Yugoslavia is now the legal successor of the Federal Republic of Yugoslavia. Politically, Serbia is now seeking proximity to the European Union. Geographically it’s a part. At least on the time zone map, Serbia is… Read More »