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San Marino is a small, landlocked republic located in the Apennine Mountains of Central Italy. The country has a total land area of 24 square miles and is known for its lush landscape. The coastline of San Marino offers some of the best beaches in the Adriatic Sea with white sands and crystal clear waters. Popular beaches include Rimini Beach which offers sheltered waters ideal for swimming and snorkeling as well as Torraccia Beach which boasts pristine sands and sheltered waters ideal for kayaking and fishing. Inland visitors can explore lush mountain reserves such as Monte Titano National Park which covers 1,000 acres on San Marino’s highest peak. Here visitors can explore hiking trails that wind through thick forests past hidden waterfalls, over rugged peaks, and through exotic wildlife habitats filled with rare birds and animals from around the world. Other popular attractions include Borgo Maggiore Botanical Gardens where visitors can explore gardens filled with rare plants from around the world as well as Guaita Fortress which provides stunning views across the countryside on a clear day. Check bridgat for San Marino Weather and Climate.