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Samoa is a nation located in the South Pacific Ocean, comprised of two main islands, Upolu and Savaii. The country has a total land area of 1,093 square miles and is known for its diverse landscapes. The coastline of Samoa offers some of the best beaches in the South Pacific with white sands and crystal clear waters. On Upolu Island visitors can explore beaches such as Lalomanu Beach which offers sheltered waters ideal for swimming and snorkeling. Further south lies Faleseela Beach which boasts pristine sands and sheltered waters ideal for kayaking and fishing. On Savaii Island visitors can explore beaches such as Matareva Beach which offers stunning views across to Upolu Island. Inland visitors can explore lush rainforest reserves such as Tiavea Conservation Area which covers 700 acres on Savaii Island. Here visitors can explore hiking trails that wind through thick jungle past hidden waterfalls, over volcanic peaks, and through exotic wildlife habitats filled with tropical birds and rare animals from around the world. Other popular attractions include Papaseea Sliding Rocks where visitors can slide down natural rock slides into secluded pools surrounded by lush vegetation as well as Papapapai-Tai Falls which is home to a stunning waterfall cascading down into a pool below surrounded by tropical trees.

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Samoa Country Overview Where is Samoa located? The island nation of Samoa is also called Western Samoa. It has been independent from New Zealand since 1962, but politically the eastern part of the island state belongs to the USA. The time zone map places Samoa in a time zone called “West Samoa Time” which has… Read More »