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Russia is the world’s largest country located in Eastern Europe and Northern Asia. Russia has an area of 17,098,242 square kilometers making it more than twice the size of Canada. The topography of Russia is mainly made up of plains with mountains in the south and east. The highest point in Russia is Mount Elbrus at 5,642 meters above sea level located in the Caucasus Mountains. There are several major rivers running through Russia such as the Volga River which forms part of its western border with Ukraine and Belarus. The climate in Russia is continental with long, cold winters and short, warm summers; temperatures range from -30°C to +35°C throughout the year with precipitation levels varying from region to region depending on altitude. Annual rainfall ranges from 300 mm in coastal areas up to 1,000 mm inland. There are four distinct seasons: a cold winter (November-March), a wet spring (April-May), a hot summer (June-August), and a dry autumn (September-October). During these four periods, various parts of Russia experience different levels of rainfall which gives rise to diverse vegetation types across the country ranging from taiga forests to grasslands and tundra. Check educationvv for Russia Education and Training.

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Russia Country Overview Where is Russia located? Russia, which is also officially called ‘Russian Federation’, is located in northern Eurasia and is the country with the largest area on earth. Thanks to this fact, Russia is spread over 9 time zones. The time zone map divides countries according to their time difference from the world… Read More »