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The Republic of the Congo is a central African nation located in the heart of the continent. It is bordered by Gabon to the west, Cameroon to the northwest, Central African Republic to the northeast, and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) to the east and south. The country has an area of 342,000 square kilometers making it slightly smaller than Montana. The topography of Congo is mainly made up of lowland plains that are covered with dense tropical rainforest. The highest point in Congo is Mont Nabeba at 1,020 meters above sea level located in Sangha Region. There are several major rivers running through Congo such as the Congo River and its tributaries which are important for transportation and provide water for irrigation purposes. The climate in Congo is tropical with high humidity throughout most months; temperatures range from 25-30°C during summertime and 18-25°C during wintertime with precipitation levels varying from region to region depending on altitude. Annual rainfall ranges from 1,300 mm in coastal areas up to 3,000 mm inland. There are two distinct seasons: a dry season (June-October) and a rainy season (November-May). During these two periods, various parts of Congo experience different levels of rainfall which gives rise to diverse vegetation types across the country ranging from tropical rainforest to grasslands and savannas. Check educationvv for Republic of the Congo Education and Training.