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Mozambique is a southeastern African country located in the Indian Ocean, bordered by Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia and South Africa. It has an area of 801,590 square kilometers making it the 35th largest country in the world. Mozambique’s terrain is mostly mountainous with several peaks over 2000 meters above sea level. The highest point in Mozambique is Monte Binga at 2436 meters above sea level. The climate in Mozambique can be described as tropical with average temperatures ranging from 18°C in July to 28°C in January. Rainfall typically occurs between October and April but can vary significantly from year to year. The rainy season commonly lasts from December to March when cyclones and floods may occur. The main river flowing through Mozambique is the Zambezi which forms part of its eastern border with Zambia and Malawi. There are also several smaller rivers such as Limpopo, Save and Lurio that flow through parts of Mozambique’s interior regions. The country also has numerous lakes including Lake Cahora Bassa which covers an area of 2,750 square kilometers near Tete City. Check educationvv for Mozambique Education and Training.

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Mozambique Country Overview Where is Mozambique located? The state of Mozambique is located in Southeast Africa and gained independence in 1975. The time zone map places Mozambique in a world time zone called “Central Africa Time” (CAT). In this time zone there is a time difference of 2 hours to the coordinated universal time, which… Read More »