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Micronesia is a country located in the western Pacific Ocean made up of over 600 islands. It has an area of 702 square kilometers making it one of the smallest countries in the world. Micronesia’s terrain is varied with mountain ranges, coral reefs and low-lying atolls. The highest point in Micronesia is Mount Ngerchelchuus at 671 meters above sea level. The climate in Micronesia can be described as tropical with average temperatures ranging from 25°C in January to 29°C in July. Rainfall typically occurs between May and December but can vary significantly from year to year. Typhoons are common during the summer months and can cause significant damage on the island’s infrastructure. The main river flowing through Micronesia is the Weno River which flows through Chuuk Lagoon into the Pacific Ocean near Weno Island. There are also several smaller rivers such as Pulap River, Yap River and Kapingamarangi River that flow through parts of Micronesia’s interior regions. The country also has numerous lakes including Lake Irokon which covers an area of 4 square kilometers near Yap Island. Check educationvv for Micronesia Education and Training.

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Micronesia Country Overview Where is Micronesia located? Micronesia (translated into German “small islands”) is an area consisting of 9 archipelagos located in the Pacific Ocean. On the time zone map, which divides the world into world time zones, Micronesia is assigned to “Australian Eastern Standard Time” (AEST). This means that there is a time difference… Read More »