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Mauritania is located in the western region of the African continent, bordered by Senegal to the south, Mali to the east and Algeria to the northeast. It is a large nation with a total area of 1,030,700 square kilometers. Mauritania is composed mainly of desert and semi-desert terrain with some oases. The vast majority of Mauritania’s landmass is covered by the Sahara Desert which covers 80% of the country’s area. The highest point in Mauritania is Kediet ej Jill which stands at 915 meters above sea level and is located in the Adrar Plateau near Atar. The climate in Mauritania can be described as hot and dry with very little rainfall throughout most of the year. Average temperatures range from 17°C in January to 37°C in July and August with temperatures often reaching over 50°C during summer months. Rainfall typically occurs between July and September but can vary significantly from year to year. The main river flowing through Mauritania is the Senegal River which forms part of its western border with Senegal. There are also several smaller rivers such as Bab Sahara, Oued el Hadjar, Wadi el Ghijdane and Oued el Beht that flow through parts of Mauritania’s interior regions. The country also has several permanent lakes including Lac de Guiers which covers an area of 2,400 square kilometers in northern Mauritania near Nouakchott. Check educationvv for Mauritania Education and Training.

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Mauritania Country Overview Where is Mauritania located? The Presidential Republic of Mauritania is located in northwest Africa and accordingly borders on the Atlantic. In the “Islamic Republic of Mauritania” elections will not take place again until 2009, as a military dictatorship previously ruled. The time zone map places Mauritania in a world time zone called… Read More »