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The Maldives is an archipelago located in the Indian Ocean and consists of around 1,190 coral islands grouped into 26 atolls. The country is made up of two separate regions; North and South Male Atoll, which are separated by the Ihavandhippolhu Atoll. The capital city is Male, located on North Male Atoll. The country is known for its stunning geography consisting largely of white sandy beaches, crystal clear waters and an abundance of marine life. The highest point in the Maldives is only 2.4 meters (7.9 feet) above sea level making it one of the lowest countries in the world. Additionally, there are several uninhabited islands scattered throughout the archipelago providing plenty of opportunities for exploration and adventure. The coastline features some stunning beaches including Hulhumale Beach which is perfect for swimming or snorkeling amongst its colorful coral reefs. Additionally, there are several lagoons such as Utheemu Lagoon which makes for a great spot for fishing or kayaking activities. Lastly, there are numerous reefs such as Kudahuvadhoo Reef which offer some breathtaking views and activities such as scuba diving amongst its vast array of marine life. Check educationvv for Maldives Education and Training.

Maldives Population, People, Languages and Religions

Maldives Country Overview Where is Maldives located? The Maldives is an island country in the Indian Ocean. Only 20% of the 1,196 islands are inhabited. On the time zone map you can see that the time zone where the Maldives will be located is called “Maledives Time” (MVT). There is a time difference of 5… Read More »