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Libya is a large country located in North Africa, bordered by Tunisia, Algeria, Niger, Chad and Egypt. It has an area of 1.77 million km2 and a population of 6.6 million people. The geography of Libya is mostly desert with some plateaus and coastal plains. The highest peak is Bikku Bitti at 2,267 m above sea level. The country also contains numerous rivers and lakes, including the Wadi Al-Kuf which is the longest river in the country. The climate in Libya is arid with hot summers and mild winters. Average temperatures range from 11°C in January to 31°C in August while average rainfall ranges from 0-100mm per year with most precipitation occurring between November-March. The natural resources of Libya include minerals such as iron ore, gypsum and phosphates as well as significant deposits of oil and gas. In addition to this, there are also significant agricultural resources such as arable land (3% of total land area) which are used for growing grains, vegetables, fruits etc., as well as livestock rearing which is an important source of income for many rural communities. Check andyeducation for Libya School and Education.

Libya Population, People, Languages and Religions

Libya Country Overview Where is Libya located? The state of Libya is located in North Africa bordering on the Mediterranean Sea. Libya is the most developed country in Africa. On the time zone map you can see that Libya, despite its geographical distance, is in the same world time zone as most Eastern European countries.… Read More »