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Jamaica is a Caribbean island nation located in the Caribbean Sea, south of Cuba and west of Haiti. The country has an area of 10,991 square kilometers and a population of approximately 2.9 million people. Jamaica is known for its pristine beaches, lush rainforests, and vibrant culture. The geography of Jamaica is divided into two distinct regions – the mountainous interior and the low-lying coastal plains. The interior region consists mainly of high mountain ranges, including the Blue Mountains which reach an elevation of 2256 meters above sea level. This area is home to many species of plants and animals as well as some of Jamaica’s most beautiful waterfalls such as YS Falls and Reach Falls. The coastal plains lie along the northern shoreline between Montego Bay in the west to Port Antonio in the east. This area consists mainly of low-lying hills and flat areas with white sand beaches. Much of this region has been developed for tourism with resorts dotting the coastline providing access to some great snorkeling sites and other activities such as fishing or sailing excursions. Jamaica’s rivers are mostly short but fast-flowing due to their steep gradient from the mountains down to sea level. Some notable rivers include Rio Cobre which originates in St Ann Parish; Rio Minho which originates in St Mary Parish; Rio Grande which originates in Portland Parish; Black River which originates in St Elizabeth Parish; White River which originates in St Mary Parish; Great River which originates near Moneague; Martha Brae River which flows from Trelawny Parish into Montego Bay; Wag Water River near Kingston; Rio Nuevo near Ocho Rios; Yallahs River near Port Antonio and many more smaller rivers throughout the island nation. In addition to its rivers, Jamaica also has several natural lakes including Black River Great Morass near Black River Town, Lacovia Lagoon on Pedro Bank off coast near Morant Point, Montpelier Lagoon on Pedro Bank off coast near Port Antonio, Little Salt Pond on Pedro Bank off coast near Port Antonio, Salt Pond on Pedro Bank off coast near Morant Point and many more smaller ponds scattered throughout Jamaica’s interior regions. Overall Jamaica offers plenty for visitors to enjoy with its stunning landscape ranging from mountains to rivers to lagoons and even islands! Check andyeducation for Jamaica School and Education.

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Jamaica Country Overview Where is Jamaica located? The independent island state of Jamaica is located in the Caribbean and is part of the Commonwealth of Nations. Jamaica was a colony and still faces social and economic problems. The time zone map, which divides countries into time zones along lines of longitude, shows that Jamaica belongs… Read More »