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The Ivory Coast, also known as Côte d’Ivoire, is a country located on the Gulf of Guinea in West Africa. It is bordered by Liberia to the west, Guinea to the north, Burkina Faso to the northeast, Mali to the east and south-east, and Ghana to the south. The Ivory Coast covers an area of 322,463 km2 and has a population of around 25 million people. The geography of Ivory Coast is mainly characterized by low-lying coastal plains that gradually rise into a plateau in the north. The highest point in Ivory Coast is Mount Nimba which stands at 1,752 meters above sea level. Other notable mountains include Mont Péko (1,722 m), Mont Sângbè (1,644 m) and Mont Richard-Molard (1,611 m). The country also has several rivers including Comoé River which runs from Burkina Faso into northern Ivory Coast; Bandama River which flows through central Ivory Coast; Komoé River which flows through western Ivory Coast; Cavally River which forms part of its western border with Liberia; Sassandra River which forms part of its southern border with Ghana; and Sassandran River which flows through southwestern Ivory Coast before emptying into Atlantic Ocean. In addition to its mountains and rivers there are also numerous lagoons such as Ébrié Lagoon in eastern part of country near Abidjan; Assinie Lagoon along coast near Grand Bassam; Ayamé Lagoon near Gagnoa; N’Zi Lagoon in southwestern corner near San Pedro; Buyo Lagoon near Man; Kindia Lagoon near Kindia town and Bandama Lagoon along western border with Liberia. Ivory Coast also has several islands such as Îles des Palmes off coast near Grand Bassam; Îles Fadiouth off coast near Tabou town; Îles des Ehotilés off coast between Abidjan and Grand Lahou towns; Île de Gorée off coast between Grand Lahou and Jacqueville towns as well as numerous other small islands scattered throughout Gulf of Guinea. Overall this beautiful country offers plenty for visitors to enjoy with its stunning landscape ranging from mountains to rivers to lagoons and even islands! Check andyeducation for Ivory Coast School and Education.

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Ivory Coast Country Overview Where is Ivory Coast located? The Ivory Coast, also known as Côte d’Ivoire, is a country that can be found in western Africa. Almost 50 years ago, the Ivory Coast emancipated itself from the French colonial occupation. The time zone map, which divides countries vertically into world time zones along longitude… Read More »