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Italy is a large country located in the Mediterranean Sea in southern Europe. It has a total land area of around 301,338 km2 and is bordered by France, Switzerland, Austria, Slovenia and the Vatican City. The country is renowned for its stunning landscapes and rich cultural heritage. The geography of Italy consists mainly of rugged mountain ranges including the Apennine Mountains which run across the length of Italy’s boot-shaped peninsula. This range includes several peaks over 2,000 meters above sea level including Monte Bianco (4,810 m), Gran Sasso (2,912 m) and Corno Grande (2,917 m). Other notable mountains include Monte Rosa (4,634 m), Monte Viso (3,841 m) and Monte Cervino (4,478 m). The Alps also cross through northern Italy with some of the highest peaks in Europe including Mont Blanc (4,808 meters), Matterhorn (4,478 meters) and Monte Rosa (4,634 meters). This mountain range forms part of the border between Italy and France as well as providing some spectacular views for visitors to enjoy. Italy also has many beautiful lakes scattered throughout its landscape. The largest lake being Lake Garda which is located in northern Italy on the border with Austria and Switzerland. Other notable lakes include Lake Maggiore to the west near Milan; Lake Como to the south near Milan; Lake Lugano to the south near Como; Lake Iseo to the east near Brescia; and Lake Orta to the north near Novara. All these lakes offer stunning views as well as plenty of activities such as sailing or swimming depending on which one you visit! In addition to its mountains and lakes there are also numerous rivers running through Italy’s landscape including two major rivers – Po River which runs through northern Italy from Turin down towards Venice; and Tiber River which flows through central Italy towards Rome before emptying into Tyrrhenian Sea near Ostia Antica. Finally there are also several islands located off mainland Italy such as Sicily in southwest corner of Mediterranean Sea; Sardinia in western Mediterranean Sea; Elba off coast of Tuscany; Ischia off coast of Naples; Capri off coast of Salerno; Lipari off coast of Messina; Stromboli off coast of Palermo; Ponza off coast Lazio region; Egadi islands off Trapani province – all offering stunning views for visitors looking for something different! Check andyeducation for Italy School and Education.

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Italy Country Overview Where is Italy located? The Italian Republic, with its capital in Rome, is a European republic lying largely on the Apennine Peninsula, surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea. Italy is on the time zone map, like a large part of the other European countries, in a time zone called “Central European Time Zone”… Read More »