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Indonesia is an archipelagic nation located in Southeast Asia, comprised of more than 17,000 islands stretching from the Indian Ocean in the south to the Pacific Ocean in the north. It is bordered by Malaysia to the north and east, Papua New Guinea to the east, and Australia to the south. Indonesia’s geography is incredibly diverse, ranging from coastal lowlands and highlands to mountains and volcanoes. The islands of Indonesia are divided into five main regions – Sumatra, Kalimantan (the Indonesian part of Borneo), Sulawesi (Celebes), Java, and Irian Jaya (the western half of New Guinea). These regions are further divided into provinces based on their respective geographical characteristics. Sumatra is known for its rugged terrain with mountains, volcanoes and rainforests while Kalimantan is home to dense tropical rainforest. Sulawesi has a range of plateaus separated by narrow valleys while Java has numerous volcanoes that dominate its landscape. Irian Jaya consists mainly of highland areas with rugged terrain. Indonesia’s tropical climate is influenced by monsoons that bring heavy rainfall during certain months of the year. This heavy rainfall provides rich soils for agriculture as well as plenty of water for hydropower generation. The country’s highest peak is Puncak Jaya at 4884m located in Irian Jaya near the border with Papua New Guinea. Indonesia also has a number of active volcanoes including Mount Merapi which stands at 2968m tall and last erupted in 2010 causing significant disruption to nearby villages. Indonesia also has numerous islands off its coast such as Komodo Island which is home to Komodo dragons, one of Earth’s largest lizards. With over 17000 islands situated across two oceans Indonesia offers a wealth of diverse geography ranging from lush rainforest covered hillsides through desert-like landscapes with active volcanoes up to snow-capped peaks on its highest mountain ranges making it an incredibly interesting place for tourists looking for adventure or just relaxation away from it all! Check andyeducation for Indonesia School and Education.

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Indonesia Country Overview Where is Indonesia located? The Republic of Indonesia, located in Southeast Asia, is the largest island country in the world and also has an above-average population. The chain of islands is close to the equator and mainly spreads out. Therefore, the island state is also divided into several world time zones. On… Read More »