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Gabon is a country located in Central Africa, bordered by Cameroon to the north, Republic of Congo to the east and south, and Equatorial Guinea to the west. It has a total land area of 267,667 square kilometers which consists of mainland Gabon in addition to various offshore islands. The terrain of Gabon is mostly flat with some low mountains and its highest point being Mont Iboundji at 1,575 meters above sea level. The majority of Gabon’s population lives in the coastal areas in urban areas such as Libreville, Port-Gentil and Franceville. The climate in Gabon is tropical with temperatures ranging from 20°C during winter months (Dec-Feb) to around 33°C during summer months (Jun-Aug). Rainfall varies across different parts with wetter areas receiving up to 4,000mm annually while drier areas receive around 1,000mm each year. Gabon is renowned for its vast rainforests which covers approximately 80% of its total land area. This includes numerous jungles, rivers and swamps which are home to a wide variety of wildlife including elephants, gorillas, chimpanzees and leopards. There are also over 500 species of birds found in Gabon including some rare species such as African grey parrots and blue-breasted bee-eaters. In addition to this there are also many endemic plant species such as mangroves, palms and orchids found only in Gabon’s tropical forests. Check andyeducation for Gabon School and Education.

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Gabon Country Overview Where is Gabon located? The state of Gabon is located in Central Africa and is one of the countries crossed by the equator. Since the time zone map divides the countries into world time zones along the lines of longitude, and Gabon is vertically south of Central Europe, they are in the… Read More »