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Estonia is a country located in the Baltic region of Northern Europe, bordered by Latvia to the south and Russia to the east. It has a total land area of 45,227 square kilometers and a population of over 1.3 million people. The capital city of Estonia is Tallinn which is located in northern Estonia close to the coastline with the Gulf of Finland. The physical geography of Estonia is characterized by its temperate climate with mild summers and cold winters. The landscape consists mainly of low-lying plains throughout its interior while its coastline consists mainly of sandy beaches along its Baltic Sea shoreline. Its highest peak is Suur Munamagi which stands at 318 meters above sea level while its lowest point is at sea level along its coastline. The coastline of Estonia consists mainly of sandy beaches along its northern shoreline while its southern shoreline consists mainly of wetlands and marshes. There are several large rivers which run through the country including Parnu River near Parnu, Võhandu River near Tartu, and Narva River near Narva while Lake Peipus to the east is one of its largest lakes at over 3,555 square kilometers in size. Additionally, Estonia’s landscape features several islands such as Saaremaa Island as well as numerous forests covering much of the country’s interior. Check andyeducation for Estonia School and Education.

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Estonia Country Overview Where is Estonia located? The state of Estonia is the northernmost of the Baltic States and is located in northern Europe. The time zone map, which divides the world vertically into world time zones, shows that Estonia is in a time zone called “Eastern European Time” (EET). In contrast to the Central… Read More »