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Equatorial Guinea is a Central African country located in the western part of the continent, bordered by Cameroon to the north, Gabon to the east and south, and Atlantic Ocean to the west. It has a total land area of 28,051 square kilometers and a population of over 1 million people. The capital city of Equatorial Guinea is Malabo which is located on Bioko Island in the Gulf of Guinea. The physical geography of Equatorial Guinea is characterized by its tropical climate with hot and humid summers and mild winters. The landscape consists mainly of coastal plains along its coastline while its interior features mountains, rivers, rainforests, swamps and mangroves. Its highest peak is Pico Basile which stands at 3010 meters above sea level while its lowest point is at sea level along its coastline. The coastline of Equatorial Guinea consists mainly of sandy beaches along its northern shoreline while its southern shoreline consists mainly of coral reefs and lagoons. There are several large rivers which run through the country including Rio Muni which flows through mainland Equatorial Guinea before reaching the Atlantic Ocean near Bata. Additionally, Equatorial Guinea’s landscape features several mountains such as Monte Alen which stands at 2435 meters above sea level as well as numerous mangrove forests throughout the country. Check andyeducation for Equatorial Guinea School and Education.