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El Salvador is a Central American country located in the southeastern part of the continent, bordered by Guatemala to the west, Honduras to the east, and Nicaragua to the south. It has a total land area of 21,000 square kilometers and a population of over 6 million people. The capital city of El Salvador is San Salvador which is located in the central part of the country. The physical geography of El Salvador is characterized by its tropical climate with hot summers and dry winters. The landscape consists mainly of mountainous terrain with some lowland areas near its coastline. Its highest peak is Cerro El Pital which stands at 2730 meters above sea level while its lowest point is at sea level along its coastline. The coastline of El Salvador consists mainly of rocky cliffs and sandy beaches along its northern shoreline while its southern shoreline consists mainly of coral reefs and lagoons. There are several large rivers which run through the country including Lempa River near San Miguel, Torola River in San Vicente, and Goascoran River near La Union while Lake Ilopango to the east is one of its largest lakes at over 50 square kilometers in size. Additionally, El Salvador’s landscape features several volcanoes such as Santa Ana which stands at 2381 meters above sea level as well as numerous hot springs throughout the country. Check andyeducation for El Salvador School and Education.