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The Czech Republic is a landlocked country located in Central Europe. It is bordered by Germany to the west, Austria to the south, Poland to the northeast and Slovakia to the east. It measures approximately 78,866 square kilometers and has a population of 10.6 million people. The Czech Republic has a temperate climate with temperatures ranging from -2 degrees Celsius in winter to 22 degrees Celsius in summer. It is characterized by its rolling hills and fertile valleys, as well as its numerous rivers and lakes which are fed by snowmelt from the Giant Mountains in the north. The highest point on the mainland is Snezka at 1602 meters above sea level, located on the border with Poland. The Czech Republic also has several mountain ranges such as the Ore Mountains, Bohemian-Moravian Highlands and Jeseniky Mountains which provide challenging terrain for outdoor activities such as hiking and skiing. Additionally, much of its coastline consists of marshlands which are important for local fishing communities as well as providing habitat for amphibians such as fire salamanders. Overall Czech Republic’s geography provides many opportunities for exploration while also being an important part of preserving Czech culture and biodiversity. Check bridgat for Czech Republic Weather and Climate.

Czech Republic Population, People, Languages and Religions

Czech Republic Country Overview Where is Czech Republic located? The Central European country of Czech Republic is a relatively new country that emerged from the dissolution of Czechoslovakia. Because of its location, the Czech Republic is also assigned to the Central European Time Zone on the time zone map. In this world time zone thereā€¦ Read More »