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Croatia is a small country situated in the southeastern part of Europe on the Adriatic Sea. It is bordered by Slovenia to the northwest, Hungary to the northeast, Serbia to the east, Bosnia and Herzegovina to the southeast, and Montenegro to the south. The country has a total area of 56,594 square kilometers (21,851 sq mi), making it slightly smaller than West Virginia in size. The terrain of Croatia consists mainly of lowlands and hills with some mountains in its interior regions. The highest point in Croatia is Dinara at 1,831 meters (6,007 ft) above sea level located on its border with Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Pannonian Plain covers much of northern Croatia while most of central and southern Croatia consists of mountains such as Velebit Range in Lika-Senj County and Biokovo Mountain which overlooks Makarska Riviera on the Adriatic coast. The coastline of Croatia is made up mostly of rocky cliffs interspersed with some sandy beaches along certain parts of its Adriatic coast. There are several islands off this coast including Brač Island which is home to Zlatni Rat Beach – one of Croatia’s most famous beaches – as well as Krk Island which is connected to mainland Croatia via a bridge. Other notable coastal features include Kvarner Gulf and Rijeka Bay both located on the northern Adriatic Sea coast near Rijeka city. There are numerous rivers throughout Croatia including Sava River which forms part of its border with Slovenia and Bosnia & Herzegovina before it empties into Danube River near Belgrade Serbia; Drava River which forms part of its border with Hungary; Kupa River which flows through western Slavonia; Neretva River which flows through southern Dalmatia; Una River which forms part of its border with Bosnia & Herzegovina; Cetina River which flows through Dalmatian hinterland; Zrmanja River located near Zadar; Krapina River located near Karlovac city; Korana River located near Karlovac city; Vrljika River located near Knin city as well as numerous other rivers throughout this region. Croatia also contains several lakes including Plitvice Lakes National Park – one of Europe’s most famous national parks – as well as numerous other smaller lakes scattered throughout this region. In addition there are several islands off the Croatian coastline such as Vis Island located off Split city on the Dalmatian Coast and Hvar Island located off Stari Grad town on Hvar Island both popular tourist destinations for those looking to explore this beautiful country’s stunning scenery! Check bridgat for Croatia Weather and Climate.

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Croatia Country Overview Where is Croatia located? Croatia lies between Central and Southeastern Europe. On the time zone map, however, it is in “Central European Time” (CET). This means that in Croatia the clocks have a standard difference of 1 hour to the coordinated world time. This clock Croatian clocks are ahead of the world… Read More »