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Burkina Faso is a landlocked country located in West Africa and bordered by Mali, Niger, Benin, Togo and Ghana. It has a total area of 274,222 square kilometers and is divided into 13 regions. The country’s terrain is mostly flat with rolling hills in the east. The climate of Burkina Faso is tropical with warm temperatures year-round. Average temperatures range between 73°F (23°C) during winter months to 98°F (37°C) during summer months. Rainfall tends to be heaviest in the southern part of the country while the northern part receives less rain throughout the year. Burkina Faso’s landscape consists mostly of savanna grasslands with a variety of plants and animals such as antelope, elephants and baboons. The country also contains several protected areas such as W National Park which provides an ideal habitat for wildlife such as lions, cheetahs and various species of birds. Check bridgat for Burkina Faso Weather and Climate.

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Burkina Faso Country Overview Where is Burkina Faso located? Burkina Faso is an African country found in western Africa. The time zone map of the world divides countries into world time zones along lines of longitude. The respective time zone to which a country belongs then provides information about how much the time in this… Read More »