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Australia is a continent located in the southern hemisphere between the Indian and Pacific Oceans. It has an area of 7.692 million square kilometers making it the world’s sixth largest country by total land area. Australia has a population of 25 million people with the majority living in coastal cities such as Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Perth. The capital city is Canberra which is located in the southeast of the country. Australia’s geography is characterized by its unique landscape which includes deserts, mountains, rainforests, grasslands, and beaches. The majority of the continent is covered by desert or semi-arid plains with small pockets of temperate rainforest scattered throughout. The Great Dividing Range stretches from Queensland down to Victoria and is home to some of Australia’s highest mountains including Mount Kosciuszko which stands at 2228 meters above sea level. The climate in Australia varies greatly depending on where you are located with some areas experiencing hot and dry summers while others have cooler temperatures year round due to their proximity to the ocean. Rainfall also varies greatly across Australia with some areas receiving as little as 250mm per year while other regions can receive up to 1000mm per year. Australia also experiences extreme weather conditions such as heat waves and bushfires during summer months while winter brings snowfall to parts of New South Wales and Victoria. Hurricanes are rare but do occasionally occur off the coast of Western Australia while cyclones are more common in northern parts of Queensland during late summer or early autumn months. Check bridgat for Australia Weather and Climate.

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Australia Country Overview Where is Australia located? Australia is one of the largest continents on earth and is located northwest of New Zealand in the southern hemisphere. It covers an area of ​​around 7.7 square kilometers. The world time zone map divides countries into time zones according to their time offset from the official world… Read More »