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Argentina is located in the southern part of South America and is the second-largest country in Latin America. It stretches from the Andes Mountains in the west to the Atlantic Ocean in the east, and its total area is about 2.8 million square kilometers. Argentina’s climate varies depending on where you are, but it generally has hot summers and cold winters. In the northern part of the country, temperatures can reach as high as 40 degrees Celsius (104 degrees Fahrenheit) while in the southern region temperatures usually stay around 0 degrees Celsius (32 degrees Fahrenheit). The Andes Mountains form a natural border between Argentina and Chile, with some peaks reaching heights of over 7000 meters above sea level. The western region of Argentina contains vast deserts, such as the Patagonian Desert which covers an area of over 800,000 square kilometers. Along the eastern coast lies a vast flat plain known as Pampa which is home to many large cities and agricultural areas. The capital city of Buenos Aires is located on this plain and is one of South America’s most populous cities with over three million inhabitants. Check bridgat for Argentina Weather and Climate.

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Argentina Country Overview Where is Argentina located? The Republic of Argentina is located in southern America. The capital of this huge state is Buenos Aires. The time zone map of the world divides countries into world time zones along lines of longitude. The allocation to a certain time zone provides information about the time difference… Read More »