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Angola is a large country located in southwestern Africa, bordered by the Democratic Republic of Congo, Zambia, and Namibia. It covers an area of 1,246,700 square kilometers (481,354 square miles) and ranks as the seventh largest country in Africa. The terrain of Angola is mostly high plateau with some mountains in the north and south. The highest point is Mount Moco at 2,620 meters (8,595 feet). The climate is tropical with a wet season from October to May and a dry season from June to September. The majority of Angola’s land area is covered by savanna grasslands which provide for a variety of agricultural activities such as livestock breeding and forestry. Additionally, many of the mountain slopes are used for ski resorts during winter months. Angola also has several large rivers such as the Cuanza River and the Zambezi River which provide hydroelectric power for homes and businesses throughout the country. The highest elevations in Angola receive significant snowfall during winter months while summer months tend to be dryer with occasional thunderstorms occurring in July and August. Spring brings warm temperatures which are ideal for agricultural activities such as grape harvesting and olive production. Overall, Angola’s geography provides its population with many natural resources such as access to maritime trade routes which have been essential for its people throughout history. Check bridgat for Angola Weather and Climate.

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Angola Country Overview Where is Angola located? Angola, or officially ‘Republic of Angola’, is a country located in southwest Africa. On the time zone map, which divides the world into time zones according to the extent of the time difference from world time, Angola is in the same time zone despite the great physical distance.… Read More »