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Algeria is a large North African country located on the Mediterranean coast and bordered by Tunisia to the northeast, Libya to the east, Niger to the southeast, Mali and Mauritania to the southwest, and Morocco to the west. It is a predominantly desert country with vast stretches of arid land and mountain ranges. The Tell Atlas mountain range lies in northern Algeria and contains some of its highest peaks such as Mount Tahat (3,003 m). South of this mountain range lies an area of steppes which are home to many ancient archaeological sites. To the east is a wide plain that stretches from Lake Chad all the way to Algiers. Further south lie two major desert regions known as the Sahara Desert and Hoggar Mountains. The climate in Algeria is mostly Mediterranean with hot summers and mild winters. Rainfall is highest in winter months while summer months tend to be dryer with occasional thunderstorms occurring in July and August. Snowfall can occur at higher elevations during winter months while spring brings warm temperatures which are ideal for agricultural activities such as grape harvesting and olive production. Overall, Algeria’s geography provides its population with many natural resources such as oil reserves, access to maritime trade routes, abundant agricultural land, and access to fertile oases which have been essential for its people throughout history. Check bridgat for Algeria Weather and Climate.

Algeria Population, People, Languages and Religions

Algeria Country Overview Where is Algeria located? Algeria, also officially known as the ‘People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria’, is located in north-west Africa. It is one of the Maghreb countries and also the second largest country in Africa after Sudan. The world is divided into different time zones, and because of the great distance to… Read More »