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Albania is located in the southeastern corner of Europe, bordering with Montenegro to the northwest, Kosovo to the northeast, North Macedonia to the east and Greece to the south. It is a small and mountainous country with a diverse landscape. The Albanian Alps form the northern border of Albania and contain some of its highest peaks such as Mount Korab (2,764 m). To the west lies an area of rolling hills which are home to many ancient archaeological sites. To the east is a wide plain that stretches from Lake Ohrid all the way to Tirana. South of this plain lies another mountain range known as the Ceraunian Mountains which separate Albania from Greece. The terrain in Albania is quite varied, ranging from high mountain peaks to lowland plains and valleys. The climate in Albania is generally Mediterranean with hot summers and mild winters. The coastal areas experience more moderate temperatures than inland areas due to their proximity to the Adriatic Sea. Rainfall is highest in winter months while summer months tend to be dryer with occasional thunderstorms occurring in July and August. Snowfall can occur at higher elevations during winter months while spring brings warm temperatures which are ideal for agricultural activities such as grape harvesting and olive production. Overall, Albania’s geography provides its population with many natural resources such as arable land and access to maritime trade routes which have been essential for its people throughout history. Check bridgat for Albania Weather and Climate.

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Albania Country Overview Where is Albania located?Albania, or ‘Republic of Albania’, is a country located in south-eastern Europe. It is relatively close to Germany and therefore also in the same region on the time zone map, which shows the official world time. It follows that there is no time difference between Germany and Albania. Both… Read More »