Litchfield County, Connecticut Population

By | April 14, 2023

Litchfield County is located in the northwestern region of Connecticut. As of the 2010 census, the population was 189,927, making it the second most populous county in the state after Fairfield County. The county seat is Litchfield. The population is spread out across several towns and cities, including Torrington, Watertown, New Milford, and Winstead. The racial makeup of Litchfield County is predominantly white with a small minority of African Americans and Hispanic/Latino individuals. The median household income in Litchfield County is $60,121 with a poverty rate of 8.2%. Education levels are also high with 95% of adults over 25 having at least a high school diploma and 37% having at least a bachelor’s degree or higher. The economy in Litchfield County relies heavily on tourism as well as manufacturing and services industries such as healthcare and finance. Major employers include United Technologies Corporation (UTC), Praxair Inc., Schick Manufacturing Company, and Chase Corporation. There are many small businesses throughout the county that contribute to its overall economic health as well. Overall, Litchfield County has a diverse population that offers residents a rural lifestyle but also access to modern amenities such as quality schools and healthcare services.

Litchfield County, Connecticut

Cities and Towns in Litchfield County, Connecticut

Litchfield County, Connecticut is home to a number of cities and towns including Litchfield, Torrington, Canaan, Cornwall, Goshen, Harwinton, Kent, Morris, New Milford, Sharon, Thomaston, Warren and Washington. Each city and town offers a unique experience for visitors with its own history and attractions. Litchfield is the county seat of Litchfield County and is a charming town with well-preserved 18th century architecture. Torrington is the largest city in the county with a diverse population. The downtown area of Torrington offers plenty of shopping and dining opportunities while nearby parks provide outdoor activities such as camping and fishing. Canaan was once an important center for iron production but now offers visitors a variety of historical sites to explore. Cornwall has rolling hills that make it popular among hikers while Goshen has many lakes that are perfect for swimming or boating during the summer months. Harwinton is known for its many apple orchards while Kent has the small-town charm that many people seek out when visiting Connecticut. Morris is home to White Memorial Conservation Center which offers plenty of outdoor activities such as bird watching or exploring nature trails. New Milford features a historic downtown district as well as an active arts scene with art galleries and museums. Sharon provides visitors with plenty of outdoor recreation opportunities such as hiking trails in Housatonic State Forest or paddling along the Housatonic River which runs through town. Thomaston is known for its antique shops while Warren features the peaceful atmosphere that comes with being located in rural Connecticut. Lastly Washington provides visitors with numerous historic sites to explore from local museums to Revolutionary War battlefields.

House Income in Litchfield County, Connecticut

Litchfield County, Connecticut is home to a diverse range of incomes. According to the US Census Bureau, the median household income in Litchfield County was $77,400 as of 2018. This is higher than the national median household income of $61,937 and higher than the median household income for Connecticut as a whole which was $73,781.

The per capita income for Litchfield County was estimated at $44,966 in 2018. This figure is higher than both the Connecticut state average and national per capita income figures for 2018 which were both at $36,115. Wealthier households make up a significant portion of county’s total population with over 25 percent of households earning more than $150,000 annually. On the other end of the spectrum there are also many households that earn less than $30,000 annually making up 16% of all households in Litchfield County. Income inequality can also be seen in Litchfield County as evidenced by a Gini Index score that is slightly higher than both the state and national averages indicating that there is a large gap between high-income earners and lower-income earners in this region.

Cost of Living in Litchfield County, Connecticut

Living in Litchfield County, Connecticut is an attractive option for many people due to its low cost of living. According to the Council for Community and Economic Research’s Cost of Living Index, the overall cost of living in Litchfield County is 83.5, which is 17.5% lower than the national average of 100.

The cost of housing in Litchfield County is particularly attractive. Renting a one-bedroom apartment in the county averages $1,000 per month, which is significantly lower than the average monthly rent for a one-bedroom apartment in Connecticut as a whole, which is $1,551 per month. Home prices are also very reasonable in Litchfield County with an average price of $265,000 for a single family home compared to the state’s average of $295,000. Utilities are also relatively inexpensive with electricity and natural gas costing about 1% below the national average and water and sewer services costing about 9% below the national average.

Residents of Litchfield County can also take advantage of relatively low transportation costs. The county has access to public transportation via buses that run between major cities such as Torrington and Hartford. Additionally, gasoline prices are around 8% lower than the national average and car insurance rates are approximately 6% lower than the national average.